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Personalized functions to optimize your WordPress site. The plugin performs complex functions, replacing the need to use different plugins for individual customizations such as: on-page optimization with meta description and meta tag, Open Graph Protocol, JSON Schema, spam comment filter, customized ads, XML SiteMap with automatic ping to Google and Bing, implementation of Google Analytics. Improving results in https://tools.pingdom.com/

Easy to setup and does not require special programming skills.

Fresh Installation steps of WP Optimize Functions (WPOF)

1. Click on the "Add New" link from the "Plugins" menu inside your WordPress admin dashboard.
2. Click the "Upload Plugin" button from the top of this page.
3. Browse for the plugin’s zip file (wpof.zip) and hit the "Install Now" button.
4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
5. Click on Settings > WP OptimizeFunctions

Setting Options

WPOF: Home Meta Description & Tags
WPOF: Google & Bing Site Verification
WPOF: Alternative Analytics
WPOF: Google Tag Manager ID
WPOF: Custom Ads // Before/After Post Content
WPOF Pro Activation

Functions of WPOF Pro Activation with checkboxes:
# Enable WPOF Pro. This option includes: modify comment notes before, add comment notes after (before the send button), disable email comment, disable URL comment, remove clickable in comment content, hide comment checkbox for Cookies Consent, add checkbox to avoid spam.
# clean up and optimize Header for better page speed
# enable Open Graph Protocol for better SEO
# enable Schema JSON for better SEO
# enable defer images for better page speed
# combine CSS files for better page speed
# combine JS files for better page speed
# enable SiteMap XML for better SEO. Automatically submit your sitemap to Google and Bing.
# enable SEO Friendly Search Form
# enlable GDPR Cookie Box

Active functions after activating the plugin

* WP Log Errors
* Keep WP Post Revisions 5.
* Title Separator '|'
* Enabled Post Excerpt Meta Box Fields in Single Post Editor.
* Remove WP embed script and jQuery/jQuery Migrate. Enqueue Google jQuery with async tag.
* Remove Query strings from Static Resources and version from Google fonts.
* Remove type='text/javascript'.
* Custom Scripting to Move JavaScript from the Head to the Footer.
* Async JavaScript tag with exclude Akismet (this script is already included with async tag).
* HTML minify.
* Gravatar Alt Fix.
* Remove User Comment IP (GDPR friendly).
* Block Referral URL exploit for Comments.
* Added Spam Filter // So that you don't need any anti-spam plugin as Akismet, and you can disable or remove it.
* Custom Share Buttons without third-party script.
* Add Custom Home Page Meta Description and Tags.
* Get Single Page Meta Description and Keywords // If keywords not defined - get categories as meta keywords.
* Meta Robots Tag: index, follow // If is tag, archive, search, paged: noindex, follow.

plugin setting options
App Category:WordPress Plugin
Plugin Name:WP Optimize Functions
Requires at least:4.1.9
Tested up to:4.9.9
Date Modified:2019-03-23
Price:€ 0
Downloadapplication/zip 659 KB
Donate:PayPal Donate link

Update Steps

1. Deactivate the current version of the WPOF plugin from the Plugins menu.
2. Delete the current version of the WPOF plugin from the Plugins menu.
3. Now, follow the "Fresh installation steps" outlined above to install the plugin.

Don’t be scared to delete the plugin. It will retain all the previously entered settings (no data will get lost during the update).

This plugin is not compatible with Gutenberg Editor. But for joy it is compatible with ClassicPress and Classic Editor. For questions go to my blog page.