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    Personalized functions to optimize your ClassicPress site. The SimplePress theme performs complex functions, replacing the need to use different plugins for individual customizations such as: on-page optimization with meta description and meta tag, Open Graph Protocol, JSON Schema, spam comments filter, customized content ads, XML SiteMap with automatic ping to Google and Bing, implementation of Google Analytics. Contact form. HTML sitemap. Custom Share Buttons without third-party script. GDPR Cookie Box.

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    Fresh Installation steps of SimplePress

    1. Click on the "Add New" link from the "Theme" menu inside your ClassicPress admin dashboard.
    2. Click the "Upload Theme" button from the top of this page.
    3. Browse for the theme’s zip file ( and hit the "Install Now" button.
    4. Activate the theme through the Theme's menu in ClassicPress.
    5. Click on Customize.

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    Add HTML Sitemap Page

    1. Hover over "Pages" and click on "Add New" in ClassicPress dashboard.
    2. Give your page a title "Sitemap" and put [htmlmap] into the content box.
    3. Save the page and click "View page" link to see your sitemap.

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    Sitemap Shortcode Options

    exclude: specify posts’ or pages’ IDs you don't want displayed. Example: [htmlmap exclude=45,46]
    showpages: enables displaying list of pages. Example: [htmlmap showpages]
    hidecloud: disable categories’ cloud. Example: [htmlmap hidecloud]
    hidedate: disable displaying posts’ published dates. Example: [htmlmap hidedate]

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    Download Shortcode Options

    Link to download the file. Example: [dwn id="xxx"]Download Media Now![/dwn]
    Returns the sentence “Downloads: xxx”. Example: [dwn_show id="xxx"]

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    Use the Archive Shortcode

    Add a Custom HTML widget to your footer sidebar and paste the following shortcode: [simplepress_custom_archives]

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    Use the SimplePress table

    From the 'text' editing option paste the following code: <table>
    <tr> <th colspan="3">Welcome to SimplePress table</th> </tr>
    <tr> <td>Left column</td> <td>Middle column</td> <td>Right column</td> </tr>
    <tr> <td>Left cplumn</td> <td>Middle column</td> <td>Right column</td> </tr>

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    Recommended plugin for this theme


    You need to install and activate the plugin. The code is implemented and will only be active if the plugin is activated.

  • simplepress theme options
    App Category:ClassicPress Theme
    Theme Name:SimplePress
    Requires at least:4.1.9 WP / 1.0.0 CP
    Tested up to:4.9.9 WP / 1.4.1 CP
    Date Modified:2022-06-03
    Price:€ 0
    Downloadapplication/zip 943 KB
    Footer Credits:€ 7.99 via PayPal
    Combine CSS Files:Free Download
    Combine JS FilesFree Download
    == Changelog ==
    = 1.0.0 (2020-05-31) / Update: June 3 2022 =
    * Initial release version
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    Update Steps

    1. Deactivate the current version of the SimplePress theme from the Themes menu.
    2. Delete the current version of the SimplePress theme from the Themes menu.
    3. Now, follow the "Fresh installation steps" outlined above to install the theme.

    Don’t be scared to delete the theme. It will retain all the previously entered settings (no data will get lost during the update).

    Or replace the current theme. It is easier.

  • This theme is not compatible with Gutenberg Editor. But for joy it is compatible with ClassicPress and Classic Editor. Demo.
    Last updated: 03/06/2022